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Marius Goring
Clever and sophisticated

The Scarlet Pimpernel
(starring Marius Goring)

This 1955/56 Granada International ITV version of the Pimpernel is a highly regarded one. Goring has perhaps played the character with more sophistication than any of his celluloid counterparts and is regarded by some as the most convincing of all the Sir Percys. That's probably because he evolved his TV performance from his radio role. In the 1950s Goring starred in 50 episodes of the Scarlet Pimpernel first broadcast via America's NBC radio network. Goring's TV Pimpernel plays cleverly on the Pimpernel's liking for disguises.

Goring's experience in playing the Pimpernel for radio helped his TV adaption

Goring starred in 18 episodes of the ITV production and co-wrote the scripts.

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